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Lab Vacuum Glove Box

Lab Vacuum Glove Box is use For Lithium Battery Lab Research.

•Item number:TOB-GB-1220


•Lead time: 60days



Single Workstation Lab Vacuum Glove Box For Lithium Battery Lab Research


tob technology

1 .Model Super(1220/750)

Single station, single operation, integrated with a single column purification unit, PLC touch screen operation control,

vacuum pump and a bracket, a closed box, with operating surface tilt and detachable safety glass front window.

Because in Under normal conditions, namely the 20℃ constant temperature, a standard atmosphere, inert gas 99.999% ,

So water and oxygen index less than 1 ppm.

2. Basic configuration

* one set 304 stainless steel box, acid-resisting, thickness : 3mm

* one stainless steel Vacuum transitional chamber, φ360*600mm

* one small stainless steel transitional chamber,φ150*300mm.

* one window with 2 glove mouth .

* one pairs of butyl rubber gloves.

* one sets of lighting system

* the power interface

*3 KF40 backup interface

* 1 sets of high-performance circulating fan 90m3/h, installation of frequency

*1 vacuum pump

* 1 sets of water analyzer

*1 sets of oxygen analyzer

* 1 sets of organic solvent adsorber

* 1 bracket and trundle

* 1 foot pedal

3 .Technology parameters

1. Glove box

1.1 Box size: (L*W*H)=1220×750×900mm

1.2 Box material :stainless steel304

1.3 With 3 KF40 backup interface and 1 power interface

1.4 With two layers of shelves

2. Box bracket : Height:900mm

3. Main pipe : Stainless steel material, DN40

4. Cycle valve : Electronically controlled pneumatic vacuum bellows sealed valve, DN40

5. Bigger transitive cabin : φ360*600mm, Automatic valve control air extracting and inflating

6. Smaller transitive cabin : φ150*300mm, Manual valve to control the pumping and inflating

7. Box window : Transparent toughened glass, thickness of 8mm

8. Gloves interface : Stainless steel, diameter : 200mm.

9. Gloves : Butyl rubber material, 7B1532.

10. Vacuum pump : With oil mist filter, RV8

11. circulating fan : Flow90 m3/h,

12. Purifier material:Import from Germany

13. Water analyzer : because the testing range is 0-500ppm, Especially for the lithium battery manufacturing

and metal organic users,So can be washed and reused.

14. Oxygen analyzer:testing range: 0-1000ppm,The ZrO2 sensor,

avoid the fuel battery life short, not exposed in the air of the problem.

tob battery

Vacuum Glove Box

Vacuum Glove Box

tob battery technology

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