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lab wet film applicator coater

This lab wet film applicator coater used in various kinds of high temperature coating research

  • Item No.: TOB-VFC-300
  • Certificate: CE
  • Lead time: about 20 days
  • MOQ: 1 set
  • Origin: China

300mm Length Lab Battery Electrode Wet Film Applicator Coater



tob technology

Machine model TOB-VFC-300
Product introduction This film applicator used in various kinds of high temperature coating research, such as ceramic film, crystal film, battery material film, special nano film;The development of science and technology that can adapt to the future of film formation under high temperature conditions.
Main features

Adopt large area uniform heating to ensure high precision uniform temperature in cavity.

Flat plate coating, motor driven scraper coating, coating speed is stable and adjustable.

Film speed adjustable, vacuum aluminum plate can be quickly placed or removed copper foil, aluminum foil, etc., built-in vacuum pump or access to external vacuum source, substrate adsorption without deformation.

Standard preparation of film, coating precision, coating thickness adjustable.

Can be used in glove box, easy to operate, small size, can save space.

PLC. Touch screen control parameters are easy to set.

Coating method Flat plate coating, standard equipped with TOB-KTQ-250s film maker, film width 250mm(can be increased), optional scraper and other metering device (manual scraping)
Coating Stroke About 300mm, the stroke is set and adjusted in the touch screen stepless
Coating Driven Motor driven, coating speed in the touch screen stepless setting adjustment
Dimension(L*W*H) L550mm×W450mm×H320mm
Coating Speed 0~120mm/s(Such as iron phosphate lithium slurry)
Vacuum plate Aluminum plate with vacuum
Warranty One Year limited warranty with lifetime support
Size of Vacuum plate L415mm×W300mm×H32mm
Blade thickness adjustable range 0~6mm adjustable
precision ±3 um, the optional table shows 1 um micrometer
Heating drying system Room temperature ~ 130℃, digital display temperature controller, precision ±1℃
Vacuum pump 1 built-in oil-free vacuum pump
Power 220V/50Hz
Weight 70KG
Operating procedures

Put the Electrode on the vacuum plate, start the power supply, open the vacuum, the electrode adsorption on the vacuum plate.

Place the film applicator on the electrode and add the coating slurry.

Open the film, the film device automatically pushes the film applicator to move, automatic film.

Take out the film applicator and push rod, cover with the heating cap, set the heating temperature and time, and heat and dry.

After drying, open the heat cover, take out the coated film electrode, film device reset complete.

Maintenance method and matters needing attention

Every time before work to use a soft cloth with alcohol carefully wipe the film head, the body, keep clean.

Film head, differentiator and other high-precision parts of the use do not collide, gently take gently, differentiator to adjust the left and right to be symmetrical and even.

Regularly check screws, nuts, pins and other fasteners in various parts to prevent looseness and prevent product quality accidents.


tob battery

Lab film applicator coater details, 250mm coating width, 300mm coating length.

film applicator


film applicator


One 250mm width film applicator is equipped.

film applicator

Packing details

film applicator

tob battery technology

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