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Laboratory Glove Box

The laboratory glove box is a collection of contemporary scientific research and technology needs of high-tech products.

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Laboratory Glove Box For Lithium Battery Research

tob technology

The device is a collection of contemporary scientific research and technology needs of high-tech products. Laboratory equipment can be placed inside the product, while single purification to businesses, universities cost savings, by the customer favorite.

Working principle:

Case and purification system to form a closed space, inward injection of inert gas (nitrogen, argon, helium) making cycle, thereby removed the box of the active substance, to achieve the ideal of noble, high purity environment (water 、oxygen ≤lppm).

Technical Parameters:


H2O、 O2 ≤lppm
The leak rate ≤0.05Vol% h (monthly leakage of oxygen <1L)
Foreline vacuum degree 0 ~ -0.1MPa (2.5-stage vacuum table)
Case vacuum degree 0 ~ -0.1MPa (2.5-stage vacuum table)
Transfer chamber can withstand vacuum degree ≥100Pa
Working gas nitrogen, argon, helium (purity 99.5%)



1 .Configuration internationally renowned brand components;

2.Water, oxygen index of less than 1ppm

3.Excellent sealing performance, easy to replace,

4.Unique design, lightweight, tight structure, easy operation,

5.Pneumatic automation control, testing, production, reduction;

6.The color touch screen, man-machine dialogue,

7.Foot Switch: the pressure inside can be adjusted by foot switch

8.English user interface (customer choice)

9.Cabinet material using SUS304 (3mm) stainless steel;

10.Sound technical services.

Widely used:

1.Super capacitor development and production;

2.The pharmaceutical industry;

3. Fine Chemicals,

4.The polymeric material;

5. The special welding;

6. Physical chemistry research,

7. The catalyst study new materials research;

8.The semiconductor technologies;

9.Lithium battery research and production;

10.The development and production of special lights;

11.OLED and PLED;

12.Research on nuclear technology

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