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Laptop Battery Analyzer For Battery Testing

TOB-CE-5008-20V10A-SMB Laptop battery tester

  • Model:TOB-CE-5008-20V10A-SMB
  • MOQ:1 SET
  • Cocor:Black

Laptop Battery Analyzer For Battery Testing

tob technology

Laptop battery analyzer machine for lab research.

TOB-CE-5008-20V10A-SMB product specification:

TOB-CE-5008-20V10A-SMB Battery testing equipment
Equipment model : TOB-20V10A Battery testing equipment Equipment material code: CE-5008 -20V10A -SMB
Indicators Item Index parameter
Input voltage AC:220V ±10% / 50Hz
Input power 1800W
Resolution ratio AD:16bit;DA:16bit
Input resistance ≥1MΩ
Voltage Output range per channel Charging:2.5V~20V

Discharge :2.5V~20V

Precision ± 0.02% of range
Stability 0.01%
Current Output range per channel charging:20mA~10A


Precision ± 0.03% of range
Stability 0.015%
Power Single channel output power 200W
stability 0.05%
Time Current response time Current from 10% to 90% or 90% to 10% Hardware response time <= 20ms
Step time range 1 to 65535 minutes/work step

Time format support 00:00:00 (hh: mm: ss)

Data Recording Data recording condition Time Δt: (0.01s~60000s)
Voltage ΔU:(5mV~20V)
Current ΔI: (5mA~10A)
Record the frequency 100Hz
Charging Charging mode Constant current, constant voltage, constant current constant voltage, constant power, constant power constant voltage;
Cut-off condition Voltage, current, relative time, capacity;
Discharge Discharge mode Constant current, constant power, constant current and constant voltage;
Cut-off condition Voltage, current, relative time, capacity;
Circulation Cycle test range 1 ~ 65535 times
Number of steps in a single cycle 255
Loop nesting Maximum support for 4 layers of nested cycles, support jump across the cycle to any work step;
Protect Security Protection and exception protection Power down data protection
Voltage upper and lower limits, current upper and lower limits, capacity upper and lower limits, energy upper and lower limits, control parameters out of tolerance protection, current and voltage fluctuation protection, voltage slope protection, delay protection, auxiliary voltage protection, auxiliary temperature protection;
Hardware protection Anti-reverse connection protection, input overvoltage protection, output overvoltage protection, input overcurrent protection, output overcurrent protection, overheating protection, overload protection, output no-load protection;
Channel characteristics Using energy-saving inverter technology, energy in the local transfer between channels, energy saving and environmental protection;Adopt automobile class main control scheme, 200KHz high frequency conversion, small grain and low noise;

Small equipment size, low energy consumption, low heat;

The constant current source and constant voltage source adopt independent double closed-loop structure;

The system adopts the integrated design, the unit computer connects the test server directly to the Internet;High-speed 100Hz sampling;

1GB offline storage capacity for each channel;

Channel control mode Independent control
Voltage and current detection sampling Four wire connection
Noise <80dB
Communication mode of upper computer TCP/IP
Data output mode EXCEL、TXT、CHART
Communication interface Ethernet 100M
Number of channels per unit 8
Working environment requirements
Indicators project Index parameter
Operating temperature range 25℃±10℃
Storage temperature range 0℃~45℃
Working environment relative humidity range 30% ~ 80% RH(No condensation)
Storage environment relative humidity range 30% ~ 90% RH(No condensation)
Fixture specifications and dimensions
Indicators project Index parameter
Clamp type Choose according to customer needs
Box dimensions per unit(W*D*H) 500 * 480 * 86 (mm)
Cabinet size(W*D*H) 606 * 800 * 1800 (mm)


Equipment picture (for reference only)

SMBUS Features
Indicators project Index parameter
Hardware compatibility Compatible with SMBUS, I2C communication protocol, support 400KHz high-speed mode;
Software compatibility Compatible with the standard Specification field information instruction defined by SMART Battery Data Specification Revision 1.1. Users can edit the DBC to support different chip protocols.
Data reading frequency 8CH independent operation, each channel can be set to read different SMBUS parameter list, each parameter can choose dynamic real-time refresh or read once, to reduce the bus occupant;

All channels can be read at the set bus speed (100KHz ~ 400KHz) at the same time;

It can refresh more than 10 times per second when only a few parameters are read in each channel.

Variables store Each test user can define their own variable list to save;

SMBUS variables are stored and recorded synchronously with main channel parameters of the device.


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