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Lifepo4 LFP Cathode Material

lifepo4 cathode material used for lithium ion battery raw materials

  • Item:TOB-LFP-S21
  • Package(MOQ):500g/bag
  • Lead time:3 days
  • Origin:China



Lifepo4 LFP Cathode Material For Lithium ion Battery Raw Material


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LFP cathode used for various type of lithium ion battery raw materials. it’s mainly used for power battery.

Feature of LFP cathode:

  • Raw materials are plentiful and cheap
  • Environmentally friendly, don’t heavy metal elements harmful to human health
  • Good thermal stability
  • Good cycling performance
  • Good charging performance:LFP battery can use large ratio current to do charging,the fastest can finish charge within 1 hour.
Name LiFePO4 Model TOB-LFP-S21
Item Unit Standing Test method
Appearance N.A Grey black powder No agglomeration Visual
Tap density G/cm3 1.0±0.2 Quantachrome tap density tester
Particle size D10 um <1.5 MASTERSIZER 2000

Refractive index:1.84%


D50 um 4±2.0
D90 um <10
Specific surface area M2/g 13.0±2.0 SSA TESTING
Moisture Ppm <1500 Karl-Fisher Moisture analyzer
First discharge efficiency(0.1C) % ≥90 Analog battery
First capacity(0.1C) mAh/g ≥150

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LFP cathode


lifepo4 cathode

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