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Lithium Battery Electrolyte And Electrode Water Content Analyzer

Lithium battery electrolyte and electrode water content analyzer

  • Model:TOB-AKF-BT2015C
  • Measurement resolution:0.1ug(H2O quality )
  • Determination method: Carle Fischer titration

Lithium Battery Electrolyte And Electrode Water Content Analyzer


Lithium ion power battery industry cathode and anode materials and other raw materials, electrolytes, etc., including lithium iron phosphate materials, iron phosphate, lithium cobaltate, lithium manganate, lithium nickelate, ternary materials, negative electrode diaphragm, graphite powder, etc. It is also applicable to the measurement of other insoluble solid materials.

Description Q’ty
TOB-AKF-BT2015C Lithium battery electrolyte and electrode water content analyzer 1 set
Performance characteristics
Color touch screen, full digital keyboard, intuitive and simple interface, easy to operate
Automatic constant current polarization detection,no need setting end point by manual, with high detection accuracy
6 gears measuring speed can be adjusted, suitable for different strength reagents ,and the measuring speed is fast;
Press-to-go,Simple operation, stable and reliable, low failure, long service life;
The bottle heating head-space send sample technology, avoids the pollution of heating furnace and reaction cup,Less consumption of carrier gas
No puncture, no dead volume pipeline design, no residual, no memory effect, pipeline insulation to prevent condensation
Technical parameter
Measuring range:3ug-99mg(H2O quality )
Determination method: Carle Fischer titration
Measurement resolution:0.1ug(H2O quality )
Determination repetitiveness:>99.7%(1000µg pure water)
sample measurement time:Average 50 seconds to a few minutes
Flow range: 0-100ml/min(0.1Mpa)
Temperature range:40℃~299℃;6 gears Speed regulation
Automatic function: automatic balance, automatic background subtraction, automatic calculation of storage results
Configuration list
Intelligent Coulomb Carle Fischer moisture meter complete set 1 SET
Fully enclosed electrolytic measuring cell assembly 1 SET
Double platinum needle measuring electrode 1PCS
Separator electrolytic electrode 1 PCS
Glass drying pipe(Packed molecular sieve& allochroic silicagel) 1 SET
glass syringe,Micro injection needle, spare consumable package 1 SET
Micro printer (special data printer) 1 SET
Head-space heating sampler 1 SET

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