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1200W Lithium Battery Tab Spot Welder For Nickel Strip Welding to Copper Foil



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1. Function Introduce

1.1 Controller: The circuit adopts international advanced full-bridge voltage regulator circuit and is optimized to achieve constant amplitude output and automatic frequency tracking without manual adjustment. Adopt intelligent control mode, covering modes such as time, energy, power, energy and depth.

1.2 the welding head of this lithium battery tab spot welder is made of imported alloy steel, high hardness, the pattern is made of high-precision grinding, the service life is very long, and the single side is more than 100,000 times.

1.3 ultrasonic under the sound pole, strict selection of imported special mold steel, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, good toughness, high mechanical rigidity, small deformation after heat treatment, so the ultrasonic output frequency consistency is high, the mechanical high frequency displacement amplitude is large, strong, stable.

1.4 welding effect: welding is firm, low internal resistance, no soldering, no vibration powder, no burning diaphragm, no hot insulating rubber, no cracking pole piece, the residual welding surface between metal and metal is more than 80%. The surface after welding is flat, no wrinkles, no burrs on the back, the solder joints are full and clear, firm and reliable, the solder joints are not broken, and the tensile strength can be tested according to different layers and materials.

1.5 4.3-inch anti-jamming touch display, bilingual in Chinese and English, friendly interface, easy to operate, with the following parameters can be set: trigger time, welding time, power, secondary wave delay time, real-time display frequency and welding power to ensure welding Effect, fault type alarm, etc.

1.6 boot automatic detection function: the welder has a power-on self-test detection function, scan welding system parameters and display in real time, if there is a fault, issue an alarm prompt to avoid working under fault conditions.

1.7 Welding quality data auxiliary function: According to the real-time welding data parameters, the upper and lower amplitudes of the welding parameters can be set to monitor the quality of each welding product, and the upper and lower amplitudes are biased.

1.8 Amplitude automatic compensation function: The welding machine has automatic amplitude compensation function, which can automatically adjust the amplitude output to make the amplitude output more stable, improve the welding stability and ensure the consistency of welding quality.

2.Technical parameter

Power Frequency Voltage Air source Control method Maximum stroke of the upper electrode Welding


Main part
TOB-USW-1200W-40 1200W 40KHZ 220V/50HZ 0.5Mpa CPU Control 20mm 0.05-9s

1. Ceramic sheet Germany imported black film

2. Aluminum rods Alcoa

3.Welding head, high speed steel

Welding capacity
  • 0.1mmAl strip+≤5 layer Al foil,welding point 3*3mm、3*4mm、3*8mm
  • 0.1mm Nickel strip +≤5 layer copper foil,welding point 3*3mm、 3*4mm、3*8mm
  • Anode single layer copper foil+Nickel tab,welding point 3*4 total 3 point, 25mm length or3*25mm

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Battery tab welder

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