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Lithium Ion Battery Constant Temperature Chamber

TOB New energy pouch cell and coin cell constant temperature test Chamber.

•Item No: TOB-HW-200-160CH




200L High Quality Lithium Ion Battery Constant Temperature Chamber

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TOB-HW-200-160CH is 200L constant temperature system chamber.

1. Product application Constant temperature test of polymer battery and button battery.
Manufacturers of electronics, electrical engineering, instrumentation, materials, semiconductors, etc.

conduct constant temperature tests on non-flammable and non-explosive items.

Environmental protection, agricultural and livestock, aquatic scientific research institutions and production companies, etc.,

conduct constant temperature tests on water analysis, bacteria, mold, microbial cultivation, preservation, plant cultivation, and breeding experiments.

2. Sample limit This test equipment prohibits:
For sample limit ,the test or storage of flammable, explosive and volatile substances
Test or storage of corrosive material samples
Test or storage of strong electromagnetic emission source samples
Testing and storage of radioactive material samples
Test and storage of highly toxic substances
Test or storage of samples that may produce the above-mentioned substances or objects during testing or storage
3. Capacity, Dimensions, Weight
3.1 Inner capacity 200L
3.2 Inner dimensions W500*D500*H800 mm
3.3 Overall dimensions W700*D1200*H1500 mm
3.4 Net weight About 220kg
4.1Testing environment The ambient temperature is + 25℃, the relative humidity is ≤ 85%, and there is no sample in the test chamber (no load)
4.2 Temperature range 0~60℃
4.3 Temperature fluctuation ≤1℃ (no load and stable temperature)
4.4 Temperature deviation ±2.0℃ (no load and stable temperature)
4.5 Heating time 25℃→60℃ ≤30 min
4.6 Cooling time 25℃→0℃ ≤50 min
5. Structure
5.1 Insulation structure Outer wall material: high-quality cold rolled steel plate, surface spray and paint treatment
Inner wall material: stainless steel plate SUS304
Box insulation material: polyurethane foam (insulation thickness 50mm)
5.2 Air conditioning channel Axial fan, heater, evaporator
5.3 Standard configuration Door: Hollow anti-fog tempered glass + stainless steel frame
Lead hole (with soft rubber plug): φ50mm, 4pcs (located on the back side of the box)
Casters: 4 (with brake)
Sample rack: 4 layers of electrical insulation sample rack, load bearing (uniform distribution): 10kg/layer
Lighting: LED lighting
5.4 Control panel Touch control buttons
5.5 Heater Heater control mode: contactless, equal period pulse-width modulation, SSR (solid state relay)
6.Refrigeration system
6.1 Refrigeration compressor Fully enclosed piston compressor
6.2 Cooling method Air-cooled
6.3 Throttle device Capillary tube
6.4 Refrigerant R134a
6.5 Welding process Nitrogen-filled protective welding
7. Electrical control system
7.1 Controller LED digital display + touch key controller
7.2 Setting mode Touch key
7.3 Control mode Forced circulation ventilation. According to the set temperature value, the control system controls the output of the heater through PID automatic as to achieve dynamic balance.
7.4 Communication mode Ethernet standard interface
7.5 Temperature control module Independent research and development (after high and low temperature impact, vibration and EMC and other related tests)
8.Safety protection
Test chamber Leakage protection, short circuit protection and abnormal operation of circulating fan, etc.
9.Other configuration
9.1 Power cable (single phase + protective earth wire) 1 cable
9.2 Main power leakage circuit breaker Single phase + protective earth wire
10. Transport(the test chamber is integral, transported as a whole)
Dimentions Maximum size (without packaging): W700 mm×D1200 mm×H1500 mm
11. Conditions of use
11.1 Installation site The ground is flat, with flatness ≤ 5mm / 2m
Good ventilation
For the installation ,There is no strong vibration around the equipment
There is no strong electromagnetic field around the equipment
There are no flammable, explosive, corrosive substances and dust around the equipment
Proper space for use and maintenance shall be reserved around the equipment,

and the opening and closing space of the box door shall be reserved at the opening door of the equipment,

and there shall be no other objects in front of the box door of the equipment.

11.2 Environment condition Temperature: 5℃~ 35℃, Relative humidity: ≤85%, Air pressure: 86kpa ~ 106kpa
11.3 Power supply AC(220±22)V, (50±0.5)Hz, single phase + protective earth wire
and the grounding resistance of the earth wire is no more than 4Ω.
The user is required to configure the corresponding air or power switch for the equipment at the installation site.

and the switch must be used independently for the equipment.

Power: 6kW
Max current: 30A
11.4 Others Don’t Opening the door during the test ,because it will cause the temperature fluctuation in the chamber.
12.Battery specifications and placement
12.1 Battery specifications Button battery or polymer battery
12.2 Battery placement Four layers (up to 40 button batteries can be placed on each layer)

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