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Lithium ion Battery Raw Materials Suppliers

TOB provide all lithium ion battery raw materials and technical support,provide material match list for you.

  • Item No:TOB-All Material
  • Certificate:CE,ISO
  • Lead time: About 5-20 days
  • Payment terms:T/T,L/C,Credit card,Western Union
  • Origin:China

Lithium ion Battery Raw Materials For Different Kinds of Battery

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TOB NEW ENERGY : 20 Years Service For Battery Industry

Lithium ion Battery Raw Materials for Pouch, Cylinderical, Coin cell, Al shell,Supercapacitor.

Coin cell: Cathode and anode raw materials,coin cell cases,lithium chip,battery electrolyte,copper foil,aluminum foil,battery separator.

Pouch cell:Cathode and anode raw materials,formed pouch cell case(aluminum laminated film),battery electrolyte,copper foil,aluminum foil, battery separator,tabs with tape,high temperature tape.

Cylinderical cell:Cathode and anode raw materials,18650/21700/32650 battery case,battery electrolyte,Al/Ni tab,Aluminum foil,copper foil,battery separator.

Supercapacitor: Cathode and anode raw material,supercapacitor case,supercapacitor electrolyte,Al tabs,(Etched) Aluminum foil

Al sheel:Cathode and anode raw material, Al sheel case,battery electrolyte etc.

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pouch cell assembly equipment

Professional Technical Support From TOB Team

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