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Lithium ion Pouch Cell Production Line

TOB provide one stop solution for cylinderical cell laboratory line, including all equipment, raw materials,technical support.

  • Item No:TOB-PB04
  • Certificate:CE,ISO
  • Lead time: About 40-180 days
  • Payment terms:T/T,L/C,Credit card,Western Union
  • Origin:China

Lithium ion Pouch Cell Production Line

tob technology

TOB NEW ENERGY : 20 Years Service For Battery Industry,provide “Turn-key”project service,including pouch cell production line.

Suit for Battery Type: Coin cell,Cylinderical, Pouch cell, Al shell

Machines:Battery and Supercapacitor Equipment ,Manual,Semi-suto,Auto machine and line,Battery Testing Machines.

Technology: Batttery Technology consulting, Guidance,Training, Transfer, etc.
Materials: Battery and Super Capacitor Materials(A full set)

Select TOB NEW ENERGY On the choice of a high-level battery team !

For pouch cell,provide equipment for both winding and unwinding process,different model machine suitable for different size.

Project implementation process

Step Process
1 Negotiate
2 Cooperation(signing the contract)
3 Pay a deposit and L/C
4 Engineer go to your palnt to check(7-15 days)
5 Plant design (10-30 days)
6 Check the scheme(10 days)
7 Pay for a part of money
8 Equipment&material prepare(150 days)
9 Equipment&material shipment(60 days)
10 Pay for parts of money
11 Engineer go to your plant
12 Equipment install&aterial check
13 Training&teach your team(60 days)
14 Achieve the target(60 days)
15 Acceptance of completion
16 Pay for the money
17 Project complete
18 Technology suppory

tob battery

Lithium ion Battery Making Machine

Lithium ion Battery Making Machine

Lithium ion Pouch Cell Making Material

Lithium ion Battery Making Machine

Professional Technical Support From TOB Team

coin cell battery assembly

tob battery technology

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