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Manual Hydraulic Powder Press Machine


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The 15F powder tablet press machine is a new type of integrated structure tablet press machine. It is a small, labor-saving,

convenient and specific manual hydraulic tablet press specially designed for the preparation of powder samples by infrared spectrometers.

can also be used for other pressure tests and has a pressure indicator function.

Is especially suitable for supporting various imported Fourier infrared spectrometers. It can replace imported accessories to reduce capital costs.

It is durable, reliable in performance and excellent value for money.


Main technical indicators and conversion formula of working pressure and pressure gauge reading Mpa:

Performance:Cross-sectional area of main cylinder:0.5dm2

Working pressure (tons)=0.5×number of pressure gauges (MPa)


Rated working pressure 15 tons=15KN(30Mpa Working piston stroke 30mm
The cylinder diameter φ80mmChrome-plated cylinder Overall size 245×175×390mm3
Workbench space 80×130mm Weight 40kg


Pressure gauge reading(Mpa 6 12 18 24 30
Working pressure (tons) 3 6 9 12 15

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Tablet Press Machine

Tablet Press Machine

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tablet compression machine

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