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Conductive Natural Graphite Powder

Nature conductive graphite is used as conductive material when preparing Li-ion battery anode.

Item No:TOB-918-II

Lead time: 1~7days

MOQ:500g/1 bag


Conductive Natural graphite powder for lithium ion battery anode


tob technology

Natural graphite powder TOB-918-II product specification as below:

Name Graphite powder Model TOB-918-II
Items Unit Check Value Checking equipment model
D10 um 10.202 MASTERSIZER 2000
D50 um 17.523 MASTERSIZER 2000
D90 um 29.484 MASTERSIZER 2000
Moisture % 0.041 METTLER TOLEDS DL39
C % 99.971 SARTORIUS-BP121S Muffle Furnace-KSW
TAP density g/cm3 1.079 Auto Tap
Special surface area m2/g 4.109 ST-08 SSA TESTING INSTRUMENT
First capacity mAh/g 362.5 Analog battery evaluation
First efficiency % 94.5 Analog battery evaluation
Foreign matter OK With 200 mesh (pore size 74 microns) standard sieve, according to the package weight of 10% sampling, no foreign body

Remark:In addition, particle size analysis is included to determine the recording result.( MASTERSIZER 2000)

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Graphite powder

Graphite powder


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