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NMC532 LiNiMnCoO2 Powder

NMC532 used for lithium ion battery cathode raw material.

  • Item No.:T-NMC-532
  • Package(MOQ):500g/bag
  • Lead time:3 days
  • Product Origin:china

NMC532 LiNiMnCoO2 Powder For Lithium ion Battery Cathode Material


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1.Material Type:Lithium nickel cobalt manganate oxide(LiNiMnCoO2, NMC532)

2.Storage conditions of NMC532

Keep sealed to avoid direct sunlight. Recommended storage temperature 20±10℃, humidity ≤50%RH. The shelf life is 1 year. If the product exceeds the shelf life, it should be inspected by our company and re-evaluated for normal use.

Under the condition of opening, strictly control the storage humidity ≤30%RH, and use as soon as possible.

3. Precautions for transportation of NMC532

When loading, avoid container leakage, inversion, drop, damage, prevent being crushed.

Product Name: LiNiMnCoO2 Type: TOB-NMC532
Item Standard Test result The analytical methods and instruments
Element content(wt%)
Ni+Mn+Co ≥58.0 58.08 Consult GB/T15899-1995,HG/T4020

-2008,HG/T2631-2005; Volumetry

Li 7.0~8.0 7.44 Consult

JY/T 015-1996: Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry

Na ≤0.03 0.0046
Fe ≤0.01 0.0010
Cu ≤0.005 N.D.
H2O ≤0.05 0.0108 Consult. GB/T 606-2003 C30;

ATF Karl Fischer Coulomb

Distribution of grain size (μm)
D(10) ≥5.0 6.19 Consult.GB/T19077.1-2008 Mastersizer3000 laser particle analyzer
D(50) 10~14.0 11.40
D(90) ≤25.0 18.5
Electrochemical performance
First discharge efficiency(%) ≥85 86.7 Consult YS/T798-2012; Button half cell 0.2C,4.2V-2.7V
First discharge capacity(mAh/g) ≥153 153.9-154.8
Physical property
BET(m²/g) 0.2~0.4 0.223 Consult GBT 13390-2008;TriStarⅡspecific surface area
TD(g/cm³) ≥2.3 2.52 Consult GB/T5162-2006;FZS4-4B
Jolt density meter
PH ≤11.5 11.23 Consult GB/T1717-1986;DELTA320PH

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