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Planetary Ball Milling Machine

Low temperature planetary ball milling machine.

•Item No:TOB-DSP-LT01


•Lead time: 40days



Low Temperature Planetary Ball Mill Machine

tob technology

Model TOB-DSP-LT01
Power 220V 50HZ 4KW
Display LED display, and can display ball mill speed
Transmission Gear transmission
Milling to achieve the

lowest temperature environment

-20 ° C
Low temperature control accuracy ±1 ° C
Way of working Two or four tank work simultaneously
Max sample loading capacity Two-thirds of the milling tank volume
Abrasive way Milling under dry or wet

Stainless steel vacuum tank can milling under inflate or vacuum conditions

Stainless steel vacuum sleeve, you can put other common cans (for example: agate, zirconia, PTFE, etc.) trap, so that in agate, zirconia, PTFE, etc. jar, milling under inflated or vacuum conditions

Feed size Soil material ≤10mm, other material ≤3mm
Discharge size Mix 0.1um
Speed ratio 1:2
Broader market speed (milling tank speed) 00-530 Rev / min
Milling tank rotation speed 00-265 Rev / min
Broader market speed Frequency variable speed, programmable control
Control method With timing, automatic shutdown.

Can be set automatic reversing

Can be set intermittent rotation

Intelligent control Limit switch is mounted, with open lid power off,

stop turning the function

Max continuous working time (Full load) 72 hours
Can be equipped with ordinary milling tanks model

(can be equipped with four such tanks)

250ML 500ML 100ML
Can be equipped with stainless steel vacuum ball milling tanks

(can be equipped with four such tanks)

250ML 500ML
Can be equipped with stainless steel vacuum models

(can be equipped with four such tanks)

250ML 500ML

tob battery technology

battery machine

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