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Pneumatic Press Machine

This Single Column Pneumatic Punch Machine use Compressed air as power source, simple operation.

•Item No:TOB-YBQD-63


•Lead time:25days



Pneumatic Press Machine For Battery Research

tob technology

1.Compressed air as power source, simple operation
2.No oil pressure system produced by the noise, environmental pollution, energy saving and consumption reduction
3.Multiple functions: press bearing, punch hole, riveting, assembling, etc
4.The opening height can be adjusted flexibly according to the size of the product or mold
5.The output size is controllable, only need to adjust the intake pressure, simple, convenient
6.Safety design, ergonomic, suitable for long-term operation
7.Press retention time can be adjusted with counter
8.Optional quick exhaust valve to speed up descent speed and improve efficiency
9.Optional with high, medium and standard working table

Model TOB-YBQD-63
Maximum Working Height 290mm
Minimum Working Height 90mm
Workbench Area 125*125mm
Cylinder Specification Diameter63*100 mm
Total Cylinder Stroke 100mm
Cylinder Adjustable Stroke 50mm
Power Supply AC220V,50-60Hz
Air Pressure 0.3-0.8Mpa

tob battery

Pneumatic Press Machine

Pneumatic Press Machine

Pneumatic Press Machine

tob battery technology

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