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Powder Resistivity and Tap Density Tester

Lithium Battery Powder Resistivity Tester and Compaction Tap Density Meter Measurement System

  • Item No.:TOB-PRCD1100 / TOB-PRCD2100
  • Certificate: CE
  • Lead time: about 15 days
  • MOQ: 1 set
  • Origin: China

Lithium Battery Powder Resistivity Tester and Compaction Tap Density Meter Measurement System

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TOB-PRCD1100 & TOB-PRCD2100 Powder Resistivity and Density Tester available in two different models.

Model TOB-PRCD1100 TOB-PRCD2100
Test method 2 probes test method 4 probes test method
The pressure rang 0~200Mpa 0~200Mpa
Resistance measuring range 1uΩ~1200MΩ 1uΩ~200MΩ
Thickness accuracy ±5um ±5um
Function Powder resistivity and compaction density fully automatic integrated testing

Application fields

(1)Carbonaceous Powders :
Active materials of Lithium Ion Batteries and various electronic components (capacitor and resistor, etc.), including graphite, activated carbon, coke, carbon black, carbon fiber; carbon nanoparticles, etc.

(2)Metal oxide or metal composite powders:

Active materials of Lithium Ion Batteries, conductive pastes, conductive coatings and other functional films, including LCO, LMO, LFR NCM, LTO copper powder; ITO powder; etc.


High accuracy pressure system : Driven by servo motor.
High accuracy displacement sensor : Precisely measure the variation of thickness.
Specific clamp for resistivity & Compact density test of powder samples : Simplify the process of the powder loading and cleaning.

Multi-functions : One-stop data collection of key parameters of pressure, resistance, thickness, temperature and humidity with high reliability, to provide a complete traceability for each result.

Automatic measurement : Providing flexible measurement modes for different kinds of samples, and all the process parameter setting are integrated into a simple software control interface, with one-button to start a measurement



Measurement System Analyze
Test Condition: 5 samples, 3 operators, 3times/pcs/operator

Powder Resistivity tester

%GRR accepted rule %GRR≤10% excellent
10%<%GRR≤30% acceptable
%GRR>30% unacceptable
ndc accepted rule ndc≥10 excellent
5≤ndc<10 acceptable
ndc<5 unacceptable

• Powder Resistance:GRR-Excellent
• Compact Density:GRR-Excellent

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