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Semi-automatic Stacking Machine

This Semi-Automatic Lithium Battery Stacking machine is used for the stacking of pouch cell.

•Item number:TOB-L-DP200


•Lead time: 50days


Semi-automatic Stacking Machine For Pouch Cell

tob technology

1 Equipment function description and technique process

1.1This Semi-Automatic Lithium Battery Stacking machine is used for the stacking of pouch cell. The working process is as follows: the separator is unwinding actively, and the separator is deflected, the ferry and the tension mechanism are introduced into the platform; the platform moves the diaphragm back and forth to reciprocate to place the pole piece; the suction cup is accurately positioned and stacked on the platform;

1.2 Battery cell diagram

Battery Stacking Machine

1.3 Equipment features
1) The platform adopts the sliding table structure, the cylinder moves, the positioning is accurate, and the stability is high;
2) The cathode and anode plates are designed separately to avoid mutual mixing of cathode and anode materials;
3) The separator is unwinding actively, the working tension is continuously adjustable, and the correcting device is provided;
4) The cathode and anode electrode carrying mechanisms are independently arranged and can be adjusted separately;
5) There are cathode and anode plate positioning devices, and the positioning plate is made according to the size of the electrode, and the adjustment is convenient;
6) The core is blanked by manual reclaiming;
7) The device interface is friendly, easy to operate and easy to maintain.


Model Semi-automatic stacking machineTOB-L-DP200
Dimensions 1450mm (L) × 1100mm (W) × 1600mm (H)
Power supply 220 VAC ± 5%, single phase, 0.5 KW
Gas source 5~7 kgf/cm2, 200 l/min
Vacuum source -0.09MPa, 100 l/min
Stacking accuracy 1) Separator alignment error ± 0.3mm;
2) Electrode alignment error ± 0.3 mm.
Warranty One Year limited warranty with lifetime support
Remark Non-corrosive gases, liquids, explosive gases

2 Material specifications and requirements for equipment

2.1 Specification of materials

Materials thickness Width Length(Include tab) Exposed Length of tab
1 Cathode electrode 0.09~0.2 40~160 40~250 ≤30
2 Anode electrode 0.09~0.2 40~160 40~250 ≤30
Materials Thickness Width Inside diameter Outside diameter
1 Separator 0.020~0.040 40~130 φ76.2 ≤φ300

2.2 Requirements of materials

1) The electrode coating must be uniform, the thickness error is less than 0.005mm, the length and width dimension error is less than ±0.20 mm, and the wave edge is less than 1mm (subject to the pole piece positioning);

2) The tab must be flat and try to avoid bending;

3) The burr at the edge of the electrode and the tab is less than 1/3 of the thickness of the separator;

4) The separator must be evenly wound, the width error is less than 0.1mm, and the tower shape error is less than 0.5mm.

3 Stacking Process

Battery cell specification


Specification Dimension Specific value
Length H 40~250
Width W 40~160
Thickness T 5~30
Exposed tab length P ≤30

Note: When the length H and width W change beyond the specification, it needs to be replaced.Corresponding specifications (standard configuration one specification).

tob battery

Semi-automatic stacking machine

 Semi-automatic stacking machine

tob battery technology

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