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Semi Automatic Winding Machine

TOB-SJR-18650 is mainly used for the precision winding of core of the cylinder battery.

  • Item No.: TOB-SJR-18650
  • Certificate: CE
  • Lead time: about 40 days
  • MOQ: 1 set
  • Origin: China

Semi Automatic 18650 Battery Cell Electrode Winding Machine



tob technology

1. Machine and function Description

This machine is mainly used for the precision winding of core of the cylinder battery.

The working process is as follows

Manually guide the cathode and anode electrodes into the winding part, and separated stacking with the separator, and the winding will be carried out according to the requirements of the process, automatically attaching the termination tape, and the cell will automatically feed.

2. Function and Features

2.1 Adopt single needle counter winding needle structure.

2.2 Manual lead-in electrode, automatic winding, automatic change needle, automatic tape ending tape and automatic unloading.

2.3 The adhesive tape adopts the horizontal paste (the tape is perpendicular to the tab), the adhesive is flat, and the adhesive position can be controlled accurately without tightening the cell, the adhesive is stable and reliable.

2.4 Winding needle speed was adjustable.

2.5 Two rolls of separator active to unwinding, tension push switch control technology can adjust tension automatically during winding.

2.6 It has a dust removal device

2.7 Separator outer pack end

2.8 The cell after winding without damage, core pulling and electrode dislocation phenomenon.

2.9 Easy to operate,adjust and replace.

3. Working Process

The machine meets the technical standard of the cylindrical lithium ion battery cell winding: the separator is completely wrapped the negative electrode, and the negative electrode is wrapped in the positive electrode.

The process flow is as follows

3.1 Separator pre winding: the length of pre winding separator can be saved by using the Tooth cutter technology.

3.2 Winding the negative electrode: manually lead in the negative electrode into the winding part; winding the positive electrode: manually lead in the positive electrode into the winding part;

3.3 Winding

3.4 Shift position

3.5 Cut off the separator, and stick termination tape and unloading.

4. Main Device

4.1 The machine consists of winding device, changing position device, separator unwinding device, electrode guide device, adhesive device, feeding device and control system.

4.2 Winding device (2 sets) : it is composed of single head to ensure the accuracy of winding, and it is convenient to replace the winding needle.

4.3 Shift position device (1 set) : for the conversion of winding station and adhesive position.

4.4 Separator releasing device (2 sets) : the separator roll material is active to release and air pressure regulating control.

4.5 Electrode guide device (2 sets) : unilateral adjustment, convenient adjustment.

4.6 Glue and feeding device (1 set).

5. Technique Standard

5.1 Separator width: 20-65mm

Winding needle specification: 1.5mm, 9mm, customized

Electrode width: 18-63mm.

5.2 Material specifications (unit: mm)

Material Length Width Thickness Inner diameter Outer diameter
Cathode electrode 250~2500 18-63 0.1-0.2 / /
Anode electrode 250~2500 18-63 0.1-0.2 / /
Separator Roll material 20-65 0.016-0.045 76.2 250
Termination tape Roll material 10-50 0.01-0.035 76.2 150

5.3 Applicable outer diameter of the cell (Φ 12mm-32mm)

5.4 Equipment capacity: 6~15 pcs/ min (according to the length/width of the electrode)

5.5 Winding precision (when the electrode is guaranteed to meet the following conditions)

The width error is less than ±0.2mm;

The bending error of “S” is less than ±1mm/500mm;

The tower shape error of the separator is less than ±0.2mm;

The winding precision can be satisfied: the alignment error of the separator is less than ±0.5mm;

The alignment error of electrode is less than ±0.5mm;

It can realize the negative electrode wrap the cathode electrode, the separator wrap negative electrode, and the alignment of the finished product section is ±0.5mm.

5.6 Qualified rate: ≥98% (excluding equipment factors)

6. Technique Standard

Project Project Specification Remark

Basic specification


Voltage AC220V, 1.5KVA, 50HZ
Compressed air 0.4-0.6MPa
Productive capacity 8PCS/min
Equipment weight about 500kg
Equipment size L1660*W1300*H1570mm Does not include the electrode material channel extension length. Unit: mm
Winding needle specification 1 set With one set for free, customized
Mechanical structure Frame and panel 1 set
Needle device 1 set
Electrode supply device 2sets
Separator supply device 2sets
Adhesive device 1 set
Control system PLC PANASONIC Panasonnic AFRX-C60T
Touch screen MCGS 7 inches true colors
Winding motor PANASONIC Panasonic servo motor
Force motor GuangZhou XunChi
Pneumatic components AIRTAC/XINGZHEN/JYC
Alarm system Filure to stop
Fault indication Install program  

One-click reset

Attachment Instruction operation Instruction operation 1 set
Components 1 set Refer to the shipping list


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18650 Battery Electrode Winding Machine

Battery winding machine

Battery winding machine

battery winding machine

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Battery winding machine

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Battery winding machine

Battery winding machine


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