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Vacuum Electrolyte Filling Machine

Suitable for electrolyte injection process of supercapacitors, electrolyte absorption is consistent, reliable and complete.

•Item No:TOB-ZY60B


•Lead time:30days



Cylindrical Supercapacitor Vacuum Electrolyte Filling Machine


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Main features

* High measurement accuracy and repeatability;
*Injecting liquid after vacuum pumping, Then vacuum after injection, such alternating operation standing method,

high efficiency, accurate accuracy, convenient and reliable operation;
*2 stations can choose one station operation without mutual interference;
* The time of vacuuming, the degree of vacuum, the time of injecting, the pressure of pressurization can be set and adjustable;
* Anti-corrosion, special high wear-resistant ceramic pump head, long life design, imported components in key parts;
*The entrance and exit are connected by chemical resistant hoses;
* can be operated in a glove box or dry room;
* The appearance is exquisite and beautiful, and the performance is stable.

Model TOB-ZT60B Vacuum filling machine
Applicable products diameter 60 mm batteries, super capacitor,height 50-180mm
Filling station Single face 2 stations
Filling accuracy ±2%, 0~250ml adjustment
Vacuum Vacuum pressure is keep above -98KPa during injection(vacuum pump provide by yourself)
Nitrogen ≥0.4MPa
Voltage AC220V
Power 1.5KW
The key parts are made of stainless steel corrosion resistant materials.

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