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Vacuum Degassing Oven TOB-BE-ZK-512L
Vacuum degassing oven for lithium battery electrode baking.
Vacuum Oven for Battery TOB-DZF-6050
The DZF-6050 Vacuum Drying Oven Is mainly used For scientific research units, specialty universities, laboratories, industrial mining enterprises etc and production field for materials drying and heat treatment under the vacuum state.
Pouch Cell Case Forming Machine TOB-SCK200
TOB-SCK200 Battery Pouch Forming Machine is used for lithium polymer battery/ pouch cell cup forming in the production line of making pouch cell batteries.
Battery pouch forming machine TOB-400
This pouch forming machine is for the battery Aluminum composite film bag forming,can adjust the pouch size by change the different die of the forming machine,the thickness can adjust by the die.
TOB-W18650 Battery Automatic Wrap Machine
TOB-W18650 It is a fully automatic lap pad and PVC shrink device designed for packing single cell batteries.
Battery PVC Wraping Machine
The machine is used for 18650 battery PVC cuter automatically, must guarantee the 18650 battery appearance consistency.
Battery Pack PVC Heat Shrink Machine
The machine is used for battery pack PVC heat shrink , it is with Heat dissipation function, more safe and long use life.
Supercapacitor Caps Assembly equipment Manual Riveting Press Machine
This supercapacitor cap manual riveting machine is suitable for laboratory or small batch supercapacitor production,realize the battery cap and battery Tab riveting.
Manual Hole Punching Machine For Supercapacitor
Manual hole punching machine for supercapacitor aluminum tab.
TOB Metal Expanding Machine
This Metal expanding machine used for make copper foil, aluminum foil to copper mesh and aluminum mesh.

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