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Two Battery Electrode Coating Application Methods

Battery Electrode Transfer Roll Coating Machine
Coating roller rotation drive slurry, through adjusting the scraper clearance to adjust the amount of slurry transfer, the slurry is transferred to the substrate(copper foil,aluminum foil, etc.) by the rotation of the coating roller, and according to the process requirements, control the coating thickness to meet the weight requirements. At the same time, the solvent in the battery slurry is removed by drying and heating oven, so that the solid battery cathode and anode material is well bonded to the base materials.

The advantages of transfer coating, There is no strict viscosity requirement of the battery slurry, easy to adjust coating parameters, no plugging material. The disadvantage is that the relatively poor coating accuracy, can not guarantee the consistency of the battery electrode. The exposure of battery slurry to air between rollers has a partial effect on the properties of slurry.

Two Battery Electrode Coating Application Methods

This TOB-SY300J intermittent lab coater is a three-roll transfer coating machine, can be continuous and intermittent coating, suitable for a variety of substrate surface coating process.


Battery Electrode Extrusion Coating Machine

The feeding system transfers the battery slurry to the screw pump, then transferred to the extruder, the battery slurry is made into a liquid film by extrusion and then coated onto a moving battery current collector. After drying, a uniform coating is formed.

The advantages are very uniform and high precision, high flatness of coating edge, closed operating system, not affected by other factors, suitable for mass production. Its disadvantage lies in the high precision requirement of equipment, high maintenance requirements and battery slurry viscosity range requirements.

Two Battery Electrode Coating Application Methods

This high precision double layers extrusion coater battery electrode coating machine is suitable for battery production line electrode preparation in lithium ion battery manufacturing.

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